Southern Stingrays { 9 images } Created 17 Mar 2012

The Southern Stingray has a diamond-like shaped reminding me somewhat of a “stealth” bomber when seen from the front. The top of the body varies in color from a olive brown to green tints in adults and a darker grey for juveniles. The underside or “belly” of the Southern Stingray is a beautiful white. The wing-like fins provide propulsion through the water by using an undulating motion. You will certainly enjoy watching these creatures glide around you. On top of the stingray you will see its eyes along with a couple of openings known as spiracles. The spiracle is where the stingray takes in water and passes the water over its gills for respiration.

The gill openings are located on the underside of the ray. The location of the spiracle allows the ray to sit on the bottom buried in sand and still breath. The females can grow up to a width of about 60 inches or 150 cm while males grow up to a width of about 26 inches or 67 cm.
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